Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just suppose you were an intellignet mammal, probablymore intelligent than a lot of human beings and you were kidnapped from your family (pod) in the Puget Sound and held hostage for upwards of thirty years in a small pool when formerly you could roam all the oceans of the world, would you be pissed off?

Should anyone be surprised and angry if you kill an individual or two, who made you dependent where you were free by being the source of your food, who gave you fish which you were so capable of catching for yourselves to do daily shows for talking, gawking animals?

The one justification I would accept for the imprisonment of Orcas, who are intelligent predators who should not be called killers because of the ingenuity that makes them efficient predators, is the threat of man's depredations and destructive tendencies succeeds in making these majestic creatures extinct another one of these viscious circles that is created by agents of coercion determined culture.

The revenge we might take against this creature is to set him free and so create a virtuous circle to replace the viscious circle that our hubris, our overweening hubris the basis of the attitude that our might gives us the right to imprison the animals who share this planet with us for our entertainment.

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